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A numerical model to simulate Litho-dynamic processes and bottom morphology at the coastal area such as the flow, sediment transport and bed changes under the effects of tides, waves and winds have been suggested. The model is based on the system of Reynolds equation coupled with sediment transport and bed load continuity equation. There are three verification cases of the model: verification of the tide-induced current, the wave-induced current and the sediment transportation., The results from the model are good in accordance with the analytical solution. The model is then applied to the coastal zone of Can Gio mangrove forest and Cua Lap estuary (South East of Vietnam). As a result, the trend of sediment accretion and erosion in these two areas are qualitatively in agreement with satellite observation and practical measurement.


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Nguyen Thi Bay, Dao Nguyen Khoi, Tran Thi Kim, Nguyen Ky Phung (2018), Research on Bottom Morphology and Lithodynamic Processes in the Coastal Area by Using Numerical Model: Case Studies of Can Gio and Cua Lap, Southern Vietnam. Vietnam Journal of Hydrometeorology, 01, 70-75.


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