1 Meteorology and Hydrology Forecasting Management Department

2 Red-river Delta Regional Hydro-Meteorological Center

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The objective of the paper was to characterise the climatology of surface temperature in the mid-winter months (DJF) in the northern part of Vietnam in the years 1971-2016 and determine the abnormal mid-winter warm spells and their statistic characteristics basing given criteria. The results shown that abnormal warm spells occur in January when the daily average air temperature is greater than 3o C in comparison with the given standard threshold (the sum of the climatological everage and standard deviation values of monthly mean temperature). Meanwhile, this threshold for December and February is only 1.5o C. The daily average air temperature during the period of active of abnormal mid-winter warm spells is in the range of 22-25o C, while the daily maximum air temperature is about 26-29o C, eventhrough can be reached to 30-33o C.


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Le Thi Thu Ha, Vo Van Hoa, Pham Thi Cham (2019), Research on the Criteria to Determining Abnormal Mid-Winter Warm Spells in the Northern Part of Viet Nam. Vietnam Journal of Hydrometeorology, 02, 64-72.


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