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The impacts of climate change such as sea level rise, floods, droughts, saltwater intrusion, extreme weather ... are more and more evident. It causes significant damage to the socio–economy of Vietnam, especially the rice farming industry. In Vietnam, over the past 50 years, the average temperature has risen by about 2–3 degrees Celsius and the sea level has risen by about 20 cm. According to the simulation scenarios, it is estimated that by the end of the twenty–first century, compared to the average in the period 1980–2005, the average temperature in Vietnam could increase by 2.3 degrees Celsius, the annual rainfall would increase by about 5%. and the sea level could rise by 75 cm. There are many influencing factors affecting rice yield such as: meteorological factors, hydrology, saline intrusion, farming, pests,... This study, only the change in yield is assessed rice due to the impact of changes in temperature and precipitation in the context of climate change in the LXQR). By using the CROPWAT model to calculate rice yields with temperature changes and rainfall over periods according to climate change scenarios, the results show that under the RCP4.5 scenario when heat If the degree and rainfall increase, the rice yield decreases by 25.4% on average; RCP8.5 rice yield decreased by 25.3% on average.


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Van, C.T.; Duong, P.T.T.; Nga, D.T.; Ninh, L.V. Study on assessing the impact of climate change (temperature and rainfall) on rice yield in the Long Xuyen Quadrangle region (LXQR) – Vietnam. VN J. Hydrometeorol 2021, 7, 65-73.


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