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Decision tree classification algorithms have significant potential in classifying remote sensing data. This article’s approach method using decision tree technology to classify remote sensing images with the representative object as oil spill. First, this paper discusses the algorithmic structure and algorithmic theory of the decision tree. Second, the build of decision tree classification algorithm with 10 branches for oil spill classification using Sentinel 2 image data based on the JavaScript application’s online interface (API) called Code Editor. Decision tree technology has several advantages for remote sensing applications due to their relatively simple, clear and intuitive classification structure.


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Phong, H.D.; Bang, N.T.; Hung, D.T.; Xuan, H.D.; Anh, D.T. Application of machine learning method–decision tree to classification of oil use sentinel 2. VN J. Hydrometeorol. 2021, 8, 16-27.


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