1 Ho Chi Minh City University of Natural Resources and Environment;

2Institute of Environment and Natural Resources, Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City;

3 University of Technology;

4 Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City;

5 Institute of Computational Science and Technology;



Tidal currents are often the dominant source of current variability and play an important role in shaping coastal bottom topography. In this paper, the authors applied a hydraulic model in curvilinear coordinates to calculate 4 main tidal constituents, namely K1, O1, M2 and S2 in a region from Vung Tau–Bac Lieu, Viet Nam. The hydraulic model with the two–dimensional orthogonal curvilinear grid has the advantage of increasing the accuracy of the results at the domain boundary. The numerical method of this model derives from the solution of the Reynolds system of equations averaged over depths in the curvilinear coordinate systems. The model verification is implemented based on the equilibrium of the tidal currents of energy. The result of this model is used to map ellipse constituents and help understand more about the tidal deposition from Vung Tau to Bac Lieu, Viet Nam. The results recorded that the residual tidal ellipse M2 from Vung Tau–Bac Lieu, the greatest ellipses are M2, followed by the tidal constituents K1, O1 and S2. This rotation of the ellipse is almost the same with clockwise.


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Kim, T.T.; Long, N.K.T.; Hong, N.T.T.; Phung, N.K.; Bay, N.T. Mapping the residual tidal ellipse from Vung Tau–Bac Lieu, Viet Nam by using a numerical model in curvilinear coordinate. VN J. Hydrometeorol. 20218, 50-63. 


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