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Water resources inventory has become one of the important issues in many countries including Vietnam in order to build a database on the quantity of water sources, of water amount, water quality, current status of exploitation and polluted discharge into the water sources, economic value of water, so as to serve national water resource reports and information needs on water resources for socio-economic activities, national defense, security, science, education, training and other needs, etc., and serve as a basis for formulating and adjusting master plans and plans on water resources, as a basis for adjusting policies and laws on water resources. Till now, a number of countries have carried out activities for water resources inventory, but the inventory of water resources in Vietnam has not been officially implemented due to lacks of scientific basis in developing the inventory indicators and limitation of other resources. This article presents the contents related to water resource inventory in some countries and the current status of national water resource inventory activities in order to provide a system inventory criteria and methodology to be used in the inventory of water resources in future development. 


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Hang, N.T.M.; Don, N.C. The necessity of water resources inventory in Vietnam. VN J. Hydrometeorol. 2021, 8, 64-72.


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