1Center for Eco-Community Development (ECODE), Vietnam

2VNU-Central Institute for Natural Resources and Environmental Studies (CRES)

3Center for Eco-Community Development (ECODE), Vietnam

*Corresponding author:


Civil society organizations (CSOs) in Vietnam have been making significant contributions to climate change adaptation at both local and national levels. CSOs have been applying various methods in climate vulnerability assessment (CVA) to develop practical adaptive measures, with the more commonly used ones being “community-based”, “participatory”, and so on. The CVA methods that most CSOs have applied to climate change studies and projects in more than 30 provinces and cities include: HVCA, PVCA, CVCA and VA-EBA. The process and effectiveness of each method is different, depending on the technical capacity and support resources. Overall, the CVA results obtained are not only an important input for various adaptation programs, projects and models in localities but also a major contribution of non-governmental organizations to the National Adaptation Plan. This paper aims to provide evidence of climate vulnerability assessment for adaptation projects that have been implemented by CSO in the last 10 years as well as feedback of vulnerable communities and policy recommendations.


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Hoang Thi Ngoc Ha, Nghiem Thi Phuong Tuyen, Bui Thi Kim Oanh (2019), Integration of Climate Vulnerability Assessment of Civil Society Organizations into National Adaptation Plan (NAP) in Vietnam. Vietnam Journal of Hydrometeorology, 03, 28-38.


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