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2 National Center for Water Resources Planning and Investigation;;

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Currently, water resources planning is paying attention in Vietnam with several master plans established in some large basins across the country. However, in the context of water resources planning, the water allocation task still has inconsistency in calculation methodology. Therefore, this study aims to provide a set of indicators to estimate water and land resources to serve as the foundation for water resources allocation task. We have been used the following methods: (i) data collection, analysis and processing; (ii) field surveying; (iii) expert consultation; and (iv) mathematical modelling. We selected the Southern Hau River basin (SHRB) as our pilot study. The results indicate that the total amount of surface water from the Hau River supplying to the entire SHRB region in the dry season months (January to April) is about 487 million m3/month. The total amount of groundwater (saltwater and freshwater) is 35.5 million m3/day, with 16.7 million m3/day coming from freshwater. The SHRB has a great variation in season - 3.8 billion m3 (19%) for the dry season and 16.19 billion m3 (81%) for the flood season. The outcomes of this study provide basis information for implementing water resources planning’s steps in allocating water resources to the SHRB’s sub–basins.


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Van. L.T.M.; Tung, N.V.; Hung, L.M.; Ngoc, B.T.B.; Tri. D.Q.; Chau, T.V.; Dung, B.V.; Hung, T.V.; Ha, D.H. Assessment of water resources using comprehensive sustainability indicators for water and land resources - a pilot study for the Southern Hau River basin. VN. Hydrometeorol 2021, 9, 101-116. 


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