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2 University of Transport Technology;

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This study is conducted to perform the rain–induced landslide warning for Viet Nam using an antecedent rainfall index (ARI) integrated with a landslide susceptibility map. The method used ARI 95th quantile as the warning threshold according to the suggestion of several previous studies. The results testing for the 6 historical landslide events indicated that the ARI values at the 95th quantile are more proper for the landslide events that are triggered by rainfall occurring on a small scale, whereas with respect to rain events happening on a large scale, the area under warning is widespread which leads to false alarm a lot. The warning area is reduced significantly when the 99th quantile is used as the warning threshold, which results in a decrease in the false alarm ratio. However, the warnings could not detect the landslide events that are triggered by rainfall occurring on a small scale. These results recommend that the ARI values at the 95th quantile should be used as the threshold for landslide warning with respect to the heavy rainfall events happening on a small scale, meanwhile, for the heavy rainfall events that occur on a large scale, the 99th quantile is a better choice.


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Nguyen, H.M.; Dung, P.T.; Khiem, M.V.; Dai, H.V.; Nhung, N.P. Rainfall–triggered landslide warning for Viet Nam using an antecedent rainfall index. VN J. Hydrometeorol. 2022, 12, 1-9. 


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