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Analytical Hierarchy (AHP) method is a quantitative analysis method and it is widely used to compare alternative options especially in water resources sector. Instead of requiring a large amount of data, this method uses expert opinion and does not require too much numerical data. Therefore, it is suitable for the selection and determination of criteria on water sources, exploitation conditions, socio–cultural, environmental, economic, technical and technological, management and environmental criteria. exploiting and ensuring water supplement for domestic use and agriculture in the water shortage areas of Son La province. This paper introduces the method and apply the method to ensure which explotation solutions are sustainable and suitable for each region with different conditions in Son La province, evaluate the The criteria then serve as a basis for proposing solutions for exploitation and use for each water source.


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Son, P.K.; Hue, H.N.; Hang, L.T.T.; Duong, T.T.; Tuan, N.V.; Lan, P.T.H.; Thuy, N.T. The method of Analytic Hierachy Process AHP in selecting solution for sustainable exploitation and use to ensure domestic water source and agriculture for water shortage areas in Son La Province. VN J. Hydrometeorol. 2022, 12, 96-108. 


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