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Department of Natural Resources and Environment Binh Thuan Province;

Hochiminh City University of Nature Resources and Environment;

Tay Nguyen University, Buon Ma Thuot – Dak Lak;

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The study was conducted to evaluate 5 main river basins: Long Song River, Luy River, Cai Phan Thiet River, Ca Ty River and Phan River in Binh Thuan province has a great impact on the province’s socio–economic development. By method of survey, sampling and analysis of physico–chemical parameters and WQI method with hydrological regimes, typical minimum flow, the research has carried out the following contents: (1) An overview analysis of the water quality situation in the study area in the years 2018–2020; (2) Calculating the WQI index to determine the overall status of the water environment of 5 river basins; (3) Determine the environmental flow that needs to be maintained in the river to ensure the daily activities and production of people in the area. The research results have determined the current status of the water environment in rivers and canals and assessed the responsiveness of water sources to socio–economic activities in the locality. From there, propose solutions to effectively use surface water in river basins of Binh Thuan province in the direction of sustainable development. 


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Phu, H.; Do, N.T.; Han, H.T.N.; Ha, T.T.M. Assessing surface water quality of main rivers in Binh Thuan province by WQI index and proposing solutions to protect water resources. VN. J. Hydrometeorol. 2022, 13, 118-133. 


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