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2 Viet Nam Meteorological and Hydrological Administration;;;

3 Earth System Science Co., Ltd (ESS);

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NCHMF and JICA team decided development of mobile services as an activity of the JICA Project. The mobile service system displays the data of Automatic Rain Gauge (ARG) stations, radars and meteorological satellites and the extreme weather warning messages disseminated from the system are aimed at users nationwide. The system is designed using modern technologies with high stability to meet the technical requirements of the project. The system’s database is MongoDB, which is flexible in storing different data sizes. The user interfaces of both the website and mobile app are programmed using React (ReactJS and ReactNative). The system is designed with two servers connected in a cluster, so it has high stability. Alerts are delivered to users quickly using push notification technology, suitable for personal computers and iOS and Android mobile devices. The system is in line with the trend of Vietnamese people using mobile devices to monitor weather information today. Therefore, this will be an effective source of extreme weather warnings that VNMHA can use.


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Ichijo, H.; Manh, N.V.; Phuong, V.M.; Huy, N.V.; Nhan, P.V.T. Development of mobile services for weather observation information. J. Hydro-Meteorol. 2023, 15, 80-90. 


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