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Heavy metals have big impacts on environmental quality and ecological risk. In this research, the Igeo accumulation index and ecological risk index (ERI) were used to assess the heavy metal pollution and ecological risk in the sediment of Cua Luc Bay, Quang Ninh Province. The results indicated that heavy metal concentrations in the study were almost lower than QCVN 43:2017/BTNMT. Only 3 monitored points, S1 (172.87 mg/kg), S3 (147.12 mg/kg), and S4 (115.54 mg/kg), have a light pollution level of Cu (108 mg/kg). The Igeo heavy metal accumulation index indicates that As (1.85), Cu (2.34), and Sb (1.42) are at a moderate level. While Se (3.65), Ag (3.58), and Sn (3.09) are at a high heavy metal level. As and Cu are two major factors posing ecological risk in the region (66.5%). However, the average ERI of all monitored points is 138, indicating that the ecological risk for heavy metals in the region is low. Despite having a low ecological risk for heavy metals in the region, it is necessary to strictly monitor heavy metals in sediment to manage them better in the future.


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Tuan, D.H. Assessment of heavy metal pollution and ecological risk in the sediment of Cua Luc Bay, Quang Ninh Province. J. Hydro-Meteorol. 2023, 17, 46-54.


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