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Lam Dong is a province located upstream of the Dong Nai river system. Although not as complicated as the downstream provinces affected by natural disasters related to sea level rise, Lam Dong suffers from typical disasters such as droughts and floods. This study focused on assessing the impact of precipitation on flow changes by Mike NAM model. Under the impact of climate change, the results of river basin flow calculations according to climate change scenarios show that the flow of river basins has a marked change in stages, and in particular , under the influence of climate change, the trend tends to increase. Annual flow, in the period 2016- 2035, the Dong Nai river basin increases by 1.75% on average, the Krong No river basin increases by 1.63%, the La Nga river basin increases by 1.79% and the Luy river area Cai Phan Thiet river increased by 2.2%. Research results can serve as a basis for local reference in water resource planning and socio-economic development.


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Nguyen Thi Hang, Nguyen Ky Phung (2019), The Effect of Climate Change on the Surface Water Resources of the Lam Dong Province. Vietnam Journal of Hydrometeorology, 02, 25-34.


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