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Sustainable development for water resources of Litopenaeus vannamei prawn farming in Bac Lieu Province is a reciprocal relationship between 6 elements: Water - Shrimp Seed - Technology Engineering and Planning Management - Capital - Consumption Market. These factors are closely related to each other, ensuring a reasonable and stable development. Sustainable development of Litopenaeus vannamei prawn farming in Bac Lieu is firstly to protect the water source, maintain and protect other resources such as land, mangroves, aquatic resources, etc. The combination of protecting natural breeds with technical rearing nurseries is a decisive factor in the success of shrimp farming. The very important issue is that there should be an appropriate and sustainable economic plan, which means that the economic activity of Litopenaeus vannamei prawn farming in Bac Lieu coastal area must be profitable. In order to ensure that sustainability, it is necessary to have adequate investment capital, coastal people in general and in Bac Lieu in particular are supported by the State right from the stage of production preparation and consumption subsidy when necessary. With favorable geographical position, the issue of product consumption needs to be maintained and expanded in the market and needs to diversify shrimp exports to meet the domestic and foreign social needs, in order to enhance income to be able to regenerate investment and protect the shrimp farming environment.


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Huynh Phu (2020), Sustainable development for water resources of Litopenaeus Vannamei prawn farming in Bac Lieu province. Vietnam Journal of Hydrometeorology, 4, 1-11. 


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