1 Meteorological and Hydrological Forecasting Management Department, Hanoi, Vietnam 

2 Viet Nam Meteorological and Hydrological Administration, Hanoi, Vietnam

*Corresponding author:


In this paper, through statistics of tropical cyclones in the East Sea from 1961 to 2017, the research team calculate Tropical Cyclone Power Dissipation (PDI), defined the maximum wind speed and the life time of tropical cyclones, compare with some other indicators that have been used by other authors such as NetTC in the East Sea to see the correlation between indicators and factors related to climate change such as sea surface temperature, Nino 3-4. Since then, the tendency of PDI increase, the correlation coefficient with Nino 3-4 is positive in the East Sea region, but this correlation is small.


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Le Thi Thu Ha, Dang Thanh Mai, Doan Quang Tri (2019), Power Dissipation Index of Tropical Cyclones in the East Sea. Vietnam Journal of Hydrometeorology, 02, 45-50.


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