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4 Institute for Water Resources and Environment Research, Thuyloi University;

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The nonlinear kinematic wave model is developed from the Saint Venant system of equations, which includes a nonlinear kinematic wave program that solves the system of equations by Newton's iterative method and a linear kinematic wave program for calculations initial flow value. The developed model is tested with sample problems and compared with the simulation results by Mike 11 model on Tra Khuc river. Evaluating the simulation results of these two models show that, the simulation results of the Mike 11 model are better than the kinematic wave model, not significantly in the upstream and midstream flow, but significantly in the downstream flow of the Tra Khuc river. The simultaneous results show that the 1−dimensional kinetic wave model has sufficient reliability and applicability.


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Chanh, B.V.; Van, C.T.; Anh, V.T.V.; Au, N.H.; Viet, C.T.; Truong, N.H. Developing a 1D kinematic wave model for simulating the downstream flow of Tra Khuc river. VN. J. Hydrometeorol. 2022, 13, 105-117. 


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