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The coastline is an important component of coastal management studies. The coastline changes rapidly over time, therefore it is necessary to have methods of monitoring the shoreline quickly and continuously. In this study, Sentinel–1A satellite imagery is used to extract the coastline in Phan Thiet City. The boundary between land and water is determined by a two–step process: fuzzy clustering and interactive thresholding. Subsequently, the coastline in the study area was extracted into vector form. Finally, this shoreline is compared to manually digitized shoreline. There are 350 locations considered to determine the distance between two shorelines, of which 274 locations (77%) are 0 to 5 m (equivalent to ½ pixel) and 76 (23%) locations are over 5 m. In addition, the DSAS statistics has also provided a detailed view of the seasonal change of shoreline for two years (2016 and 2017). The study results showed that effective application capabilities of Sentinel–1A radar satellite image data to quickly assess the erosion/accretion of coastal areas.


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Nhi, H.T.; Thoa, N.T.K. Coastline changes detection from Sentinel–1 satellite imagery using spatial fuzzy clustering and interactive thresholding method in Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan. VN J. Hydrometeorol. 2020, 6, 1-10. 


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